Q: Why Pies, Petals, and Pound Cake?

A: When I started baking. I began with cupcakes (remember that craze?) and truthfully, my cupcakes just weren’t that good. I always had problems with texture and leavening. I would bring them to work and the nurses would smile and say, “Oh, these are different.” My good friend suggested I try baking pies instead of cakes. So one day, I picked up a copy of Julia’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make her crust. Suddenly I had a pie following! So, it just felt right that “Pies” should be the first name on the blog…

Q: Okay, then what about the Petals and Pound Cake?

A: Well, they sound good with Pie. No, really, the petals have to do with my long time interest in healing with plants and herbs. As a doctor, we never get to explore this in our training (at least I didn’t). Plants just make me happy and they offer so much in terms of natural healing. I hope to build this section to show ways to use plant products for easy skin problems like eczema and for making homemade oils and scrubs. Sometimes though, I’ll just show pictures of my garden. I’m not a very experienced gardener, so I can’t wait to build a community in this section where people can exchange lots of good tips!

Q: …and the Pound Cake?

A: That’s easy – it was that basic cake making ratio of pound cake (1:1:1:1) for flour, butter, eggs, and sugar that got me started baking – I figured who could mess this up! Since then, I’ve experimented and advanced my skills, but I had to include “cake” in the blog title because it was through learning to bake cakes that really inspired everything else.

Q: You know how to design a blog too?

A: Yes! But, with a lot of help from my brother Joe. We chose “Curator” theme from WordPress

Q: Are you on social media?

A: Yes!

You can follow me on Instagram: HERE
or check out some of the pictures on Pinterest: HERE

Q: Do you take the pictures?

A: I sure do. I took a few photography classes in college, and the blog has really lit that fire again. I can’t wait to share these pictures with all of you.

Q: Can I use your pictures?

A: With permission, since they are copyrighted. Remember, the recipes aren’t mine, so pay homage where it is due.

Q: How can I reach you?

A: email me here or send me a message here:



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